Italkit Selettra Piaggio / Gilera 50 sportinis degimas

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Internal rotor ignitions have an unbeatable advantage on flat circuits or in sprint races: better response due to the reduced flywheel mass at the crankshaft!

The high performance ignition coil of the Italkit Selettra analog ignition works smoothly up to 20,000rpm.

Note: since this is a racing ignition system, the electrical power supply for other consumer elements (lighting, etc.) on the vehicle is omitted. High-end ignition only for the race track! An absolute must for all who want to ride in front and just get everything out of their engine.

Note on the setting of the ignition timing: this ignition is set like, for example, a MVT Premium. The piston at TDC (highest point of the piston) must be set exactly at 0° and the green line on the rotor opposite the line on the stator. The advanced ignition is done automatically by the ignition. This should be checked in any case with an ignition light gun and a dial gauge!

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